VOCIFERA "Evil thoughts"

Vocifera screams for me from Brazil and Evil Thoughts is their first album released in 2016. The music of the band is up tempo death and thrash metal with not too difficult arranged songs, but it is actually simplicity that makes their tracks sound very concrete. They have a singer with high pitched vocals, which sometimes remind me of Chuck Schuldiner from Death. The main difference is that Vocifera is all girls band and naturally the vocals do not sound all the same. Anyway, I think aggressive female screams are impressive, and it is fine, exotic addition to Vociferas music. My best songs are Sadism which is a mix of thrash&death metal with catchy riffs in refrain and because of angry sounding vocals (just like on the whole record), but lyrics to this track are not necessarily negative. Mad Bastards rolls mostly melodic, thrash metal riffs, with just little death metal in but it is a sharp, aggressive track. All Pain is a song that thrashing me up with some old school thrash metal leads, but sometimes, they just sounds like Death from era of first 3 albums which is never a bad influence to have...A track called Trapped shows off a bit modern approach to thrash metal by Vocifera. It has fine, melodic guitar solos around, the song is a little more complex and dynamic- Testamentish if you will. ... Right now, I have just played the album again and I can give you another adrenalizer-The Agony which is energizing and raging thrash metal song, just like the one you suppose to open the album with. Songs 10 and 11 must have been taken from the other studio sessions because they sound is demo-lished. It is OK if you want to hear Vocifera with rough production and more chaotic songs. For me, it is solid thrash/death metal album, no complaints.

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