Recently, I put my hands on the latest CD of Mass Insanity from Chojnice (Poland). I decided to give "Maveth" some space on the pages of the blog, because it positively surprised me with the musicians workshop and a really great performance level. Maybe the proverbial wheel does not reveal here, but man feels proud that we have bands on our scene that support the vitality of the art of Death Metal so well, and that of the ancient gods of the genre. And yes, Mass Insanity is a mixture of, let is say, Morbid Angel and Dismember with an addition of the elements that Decapitated currently offers us. In addition to this specific aloof from the sign of the Death Metal from Florida, we also get a well-swinging and slightly sand-like Sweden to which it adds some newer patents with a good, thick sound. That is how "Maveth" turns out. The vocal is also powerful (huge respect Marcin!). The album also has a lot of interesting solos and a genuinely audible sense of the music they play (there is no lack of experience, they have a few demos on their account, and the latest album is their third full-length so far). The only thing that subjectively does not appeal to me on this material, is these Zakk Wylde-like guitar "squeaks" played here and there. Well, all the rest is so good that this small matter does not make a difference to be honest. Maybe Mass Insanity is nothing new, not surprising, but do we have so many really solid materials on the underground scene, so objectively solid in almost every way? Exactly, there is no vertigo, that is why it is worth appreciating such bands as this one, because thanks to such acts everything revolves around and we have something to boast about. I recommend "Maveth" to all Death Metal maniacs out there with full responsibility!


Poland has been a hotbed of quality Death Metal for as long as I can remember, and Mass Insanitys third album, Maveth, is another example of that fact. Musically, they play a brand of professional, slightly progressive Death Metal that is akin to Malevolent Creation covering songs from Behemoth and Krisiun, filled to the brim with vicious grooves and often startling dynamics. These lads are relentless and heavy as all hell, but there is a degree of sophistication and harmony that shows they are trying to push for their own sound while staying firmly in the Death Metal camp, so there is never any extremity or technicality done for its own sake on here. Album closer "Cleanseation Course" is especially noteworthy, starting with a haunting piano intro before becoming a tour de force of oppressive atmosphere and jagged, crushing riffs. Fans of more experimental Death Metal will get a lot of mileage out of this one.

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