ISOLERT/ INSANITY CULT "Towards the Great Dissolution"

Two of the most promising Greek black metal bands of our time are teaming up on the split EP Towards the Great Dissolution. Although there are only two tracks by each of the two outfits the overall running time of over 27 minutes offers enough value for the money and a more than satisfying listen. This EP is horrifying, harrowing and darkening but also inherits a certain beauty and glimmers of hope. It reminds me of some classics, but it is more gloomy and more frowzy than most of its peers. It has atmospheric, calm, slow passages as well as faster sections. The guitar layers are thick requiring multiples listens to appreciate the true beauty of this songs. From the acoustic pieces to clean, suffocating guitar melodies to melancholic leads to the dirty, infernal riffs - the atmosphere in this EP will suck you in and not let go until the last second. The crawling bleakness and the haunting harmonies building the backbone to the heavy instrumentation are a very important factor to the overall picture that is painted on this record. While the tempo is kept in mid-tempo most of the time there are some speedier and intense but also spacey sections. The songwriting is great with some well-placed tempo changes giving the whole album a great flow. Both bands have a fantastic talent for creating haunting and beautiful melodies that feel melancholic and depressive but also offer a glimmer of hope at the same time. They have worked with the interaction of musky moments and lighter pieces and have melted all those elements into one great piece of sinister and eerie art. The ambient soundscapes dwelling in the dark build a fantastic and gloomy atmosphere. Both acts have chosen to go for a clear yet raw production perfectly fitting the music by making each detail sound crystal clear. It was a great choice to combine those two bands and songs as they build a very harmonic duo. Each fan of atmospheric black metal should give this EP a try.

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