GRENOUER "The Odour O'Folly"

Isn't it nice to meet some old acquaintances years later again? In the case of Russian GRENOUER, hailing from Siberian Perm, this is the case, because several years ago I received a tape album and now, anno 2003, their 2002 album "The Odour O'Folly" is rotating in my player. And even though the cover has turned out to be rather weird, the music has not changed too much, because the five guys still present us with Death Metal, but with the time they have turned a bit slower and more groovy. I had heard names like CARCASS, BOLT THROWER and ENTOMBED mentioned around GRENOUER's sound and I have to say that these are not completely off. GRENOUER do not try to mix their sound up from speed or brutality, but combine grooving riffs and good melodies with harsh vocals, quite some technical factor and the willingness to incorporate some genre foreign influences into their sound and loosen it up with that. "Soulhunters (Spiritual Archers)" is an example for this, with a sort of Death Rock influence, while "Death Ought To Wait For Me" reminds me a bit of CARCASS during their "Heartwork" album, just with a deeper Death metal voice. "In-Sect" is the only song, where GRENOUER step on the pedal a bit more and break out of their sound, which is more based on stomping rhythms and heavy riffing, which in turn reminds me a bit of British BOLT THROWER. The double bass are getting quite some use on "The Odour O'Folly", which lends the sound quite some power, where I have to point out the production by Navaho in the Navahohut Studios as the sound is very clear and powerful, respect, also in this aspect the recording from 2000 does not have to hide behind the established acts, quite the opposite! Then we still get something really special in form of "Take On Me". Some of you might listen up and try to dig into his memory. If the biggest hit of the Norwegian Pop band a-ha comes to the surface, then you have found exactly the right song. Allegedly recorded live (if this was really live, then the sound is extremely good, if not, well, it is not THAT hard to mix in some crowd sounds…) the version is really cool, with the keyboard melodies played on guitar and Andrey Merzlyakov's Growls, no matter, if really recorded live or not, a sure live favourite. So GRENOUER definitely do not have to hide behind most established (Western) acts, neither for the production nor the songs. The only thing you could "accuse" them of, would be a slight lack of variation as they rather rarely pick up speed, but that is a point that does not weigh that heavily, if you ask me, because the songs themselves are good.

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