DEFLECTION "Violent Atrophy"

Russian Death Metal act Deflection started out in 1992, split up in 2010, reformed in 2013, and went on hold shortly after as far as I can tell. Despite such a long history, this EP is their only release, originally released on the tiny Russian label Manimal Productions on cassette but reissued in 2018 with a complete remaster. They play old-school Death Metal in the vein of Benediction and Cannibal Corpse, and... actually, there is not much more to it than that. I mean, it has some crispy riffs and growls that could have made people soil their trousers back in the day, but they do not really do anything with them that plenty of other bands at the time or since have not done better. The only really novel thing about this is when they bring in some echoey, robotic vocals, but they are irritating and only succeed in making things notably worse. This appears to have something of a cult following, so I guess it might be of some value to people who really love the style or just want something more obscure in their collection. Outside of that, you wont find anything in here that you could not live without. I certainly did not.

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