SKARZ "What Remains"

Well, it was not difficult to guess the blue-prints the Greek blokes from Skarz used for their debut release Dimons Night and Kostas Sarcastic, who know eachother of Humanity Zero, grabbed Deaths Leprosy, Spiritual Healing and Human of the shelves, along with Pestilences Consuming Impulse and Testimony of the Ancients and poured a Mamelli / Tardy-like vocal on it. The album flows from chopping Old School Death Metal riffs to a more technical passage with an emphasised bass (a bit Steve DiGiorgio like) and back to an Old School approach. Sometimes you hear some other approach as well like on Deathing till T(h)rash, which has Obituarys signature from the very beginning. What Remains is without any doubt a pleasant listen, but if they can raise the bar on their second album to find the fine balance between Old School riffs, technical parts, solos and song writing in general, it is something to look out for!

SKARZ "What Remains"

Skarz is a Death/Thrash act composed of veterans of the Greek scene, with Dimitris Sakkes on bass and drums and Konstantinos K. on guitars and vocals. This is pretty much straight Death worship, with relentless energy and somewhat technical songwriting, though they do not really have the ear for riffs or solos that Chuck did. The tendency of the songs to go at hyperspeed also robs them of their identity, making many tracks kind of blend together. Still, this is a fairly professional work from a couple of seasoned pros, all supported by the Tardy-esque grunts of K. to Sakkes solid bass work, which is given a refreshing amount of prominence in the mix. There are even some standout tracks to be found, like the blackened, Obituary-esque "Kind of God" and "Family Obligation", which sounds like a song you would find on Human and Individual Thought Patterns, though the ending is a bit sloppy and confused. This is far from perfect, but fans of Death and Obituary will find this album worth checking out and this band worth watching out for in the future.

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