IN TENEBRIZ "Winternight Poetry"

When darkness falls and the temperature drops towards snow and frost level, my choice of music changes as well. When being outside I am not really someone who will play Anthrax Among the Living or Suicidal Tendencies How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Cant Even Smile Today at such a moment, I rather play some icy Black Metalor the atmospheric kind. Something in between you say? Yeah sure, Burzums Dunkelheit is perfect as well. In Tenebriz from Russia has the presentation of itself, to give me the idea they could be a next pick during the frosty nights. And I have to say the Russian and Ukrainian scene do have some fine examples. In Tenebriz is a one man project by an individual called Wolfir and Winternight Poetry is the 10th album and if you are looking for more material he has made a shitload of EPs and splits as well. The core of this album is Atmospheric Black Metal with ambient influences but Wolfir also fused lots of Doom elements in the song writing, which is mostly the mid-tempo approach and the use of a growl besides the moderate Black Metal vocals. It is like a clean version of Burzum Filosofem with a touch of Tiamats Wildhoney, only it is just ok as it just do not score good on all elements as it does not give me a feeling of darkness or frost and ice during the songs. Unfortunately, Winternight Poetry does not remain engraved in the memory.

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