POST MORTEM "The Call of the Sea"

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Postmortem from Estonia originally released "The Call of the Sea", their second full length, by themselves in 1997. More Hate Productions, however, re-released the album on CD in 2001, and this time containing 3 bonus tracks. What we're talking about is hard-hitting Thrash Death Metal. The sound is crystal clear and lets the band's precise riffing shine. The songs are purely riff-based. Not much melody here, only brutal and heavy riffing and occasional tremolo playing. Well, there are actually a few rather melodic passages here, but these are merely passages as the songs are never based completely around them. The vocals are a fresh Death Metal rasp, underlining the brutallity. There are a few acoustic and synth based instrumentals here for the listener not to completely drown in brutallity. An interesting fact is that Postmortem have quite a bit of variation between their songs. New ideas are introduced along the way, and there are small changes both in riff-style and sometimes a bit in the vocal approach. Only the instrumental parts stay completely true to their style and keeps this album together. The peaceful nature of the beatiful instrumentation combined with sounds of waves in the water gives the album somewhat of a concept feeling. The variation in riffs along the way, combined with unpredictable song strcutures, makes sure the album stays interesting all the way through.

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