ACEPHALA Infraction Cerebral Occupation

Fate ordained me to meet another perfect death metal band. This one is the Ukrainian band with its debut album, called Acephala. The album, called "Infraction Cerebral Occupation" contains a real death metal on the path of Cryptopsy/Cannibal Corpse. The material with 10+1 songs concentrated in the 30 more than 30 minutes playing time is a perfect essence to show how to play this kind of music. The band successfully got the proper ratio, which is forgotten by many bands in this genre. The material is not flooded by technique, but Dmitry Petrenko guitarist is able to reach a mad speed. I must emphasize his play as he shows an outstanding performance in almost every track. If it is needed, he smites his chugging riffs with clockwork precision, but he does not get frightened of the hurrying solutions where he should squeeze the neck of the guitar. Aleksandr Mayevsky does his best to make the music more brutal. His growling, full voice evokes for me the voice of Ross Dolan, vocalist of the legendary Immolation. Of course vocals are not restricted on these ones since really grind voices came out as well from his throat. He does sometimes really sick things. The other merit of the album originates from the songs written with the proper variability. They perfectly change tempos in the songs and they do not forget the mad hammerings, which are conveyed by Valery Kolesnikov drummer with clockwork precision. Just to emphasize some tracks I would mention "Autopsy of Bastard" with its drifting impulse together with "Blood Color Sky". The Ukrainian guys do not ignore slower themes either, as we get a chugging mid-tempo song "Surgery of the Soul" and the title track contains slower parts, too.

Furthermore, I can mention the song "Verminous", at the end of which the riff smites really great. Considering the outer appearance of the album it is a one made with demanding care, and nothing bad can be said about its sound. It is true that Acephala is currently at the beginning of its way, but it is a very promising introduction. Even they do not redefine the genre they made a perfect album in the frame of the genre. Death!

ACEPHALA Infraction Cerebral Occupation

ACEPHALA is coming from my neighbor city Alchevsk here on the Ukraina. To be honest I did not expect to hear something good from this CD since I didn't like their music in live performance But, as usually here on ex-USSR area happens so some band on the stage is not good, but on record is good, or on the stage great but on album is shit This time we have first variant:). Well, as a whole here's pretty good US brutal death grind of pre-last way, made in good sick way [previously I heard that ACEPHALA plays some kind of modern brutal death core hm, what the shit?! I searched for those modern or core shit here with magnifying glass even, but did not find any]. The whole album is made on one breath, with using of such twisted, sick and brutal guitar parts, strong rhythm-section, growls vs sick pig-like vocals and destructive drumming. Drum work is good, filled with good sick thresholds and sounds tight; guitars are cutting and made in both marching and vortex like way, with such break tempo-changes and not less obscure slow-downs here and there. All in all music is made in the way of such Cannibal Corpse, Disgorge, Dying Fetus, Devourment, Deeds of Flesh and etc, so all fans into such sick stuff will be pleased by this CD. As I said before I was impressed, so next time is yours! Let's see what they show us next album. 10 fat songs waiting here for you, plus one bonus track, which was recorded there in studio from our city (with poor sound). Recommend!

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