TORTURER "Infinity Of Illusions"

This TORTURER comes from the Ukraine, and has been around 10 years already. The band is solely a creation of Vitaly Karavaev, who has basically used some session musicians on his previous recordings before - and that has also happened on TORTURER's 2nd album "Infinity Of Illusions" as well. Vitaly himself takes care of all vocals, guitars, bass and even keyboards on this album - just the drums are played by a guy named Dmitry Bastanov. TORTURER blend influences from Black, Death and Thrash Metal within their pretty fast-paced 2nd album - and they do it even a relatively convincing way. Vitaly undoubtedly does have a clear vision in his head how he wants his stuff to sound like on his releases, and by sticking to his visions tightly and uncompromisingly, it certainly tends to create some pleasing results eventually too. Gladly keyboards aren't all over the place on "Infinity Of Illusions" but merely used just occasionally to create depth and some hooky and grim atmospheres whenever it's been found necessary. Vitaly's Black Metal snarls are of those typical, cold-filled and dry Norse type of snarls but they seem to sink well into the stuff what he has done on this opus. Also, otherwise Vital has put together a decent wholeness that he can be credited for - putting some time and efforts into the songs to make them flow so well. Dmitry has also done a pretty good job behind his drum set, understanding well Vitaly's hopes what types of drum parts he wanted to get in for his songs. As things may stand for TORTURER, "Infinity Of Illusions" may not ever become a largely known recording in the world of extreme Metal although it would certainly deserve a little bit attention from people. Melodic and atmospheric Black / Death / Thrash Metal done well is what you are about to get on "Infinity Of Illusions". Got at least a bit interested now, perhaps?

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