Festerguts "Heritage of Putrescent"

Hailing from Russia, today we have Festerguts debut full-length release Heritage of Putrescent. Featuring eight tracks eclipsing over 30 minutes of intensely atmospheric/symphonic Brutal Death Metal, this band reminds us of a mixture of Fleshgod Apocalypse and Cradle of Filth (on their good years). Not for the faint of heart, this release will squash you with its powerful riffing and intense drumming. Opening with the symphonic intro Above A Cold Body: Pre-Funeral Preparations, the band really gets into the thick of things with the punishing Now I can Fee You From Inside. Using keyboards from atmospheric effect, the band quickly delivers uncompromising riffing and demolishing growls. They nicely offset the brutality with lush female vocal arrangements thrown into the mix. One of the best things in this release is that the atmospheric elements are not the main direction of the music, since the brutality of tracks like Besmeared With Blood and Viscera focus on the aggressive side of things. Rolling with powerful tracks like Dissolved Bathers and On The Bloodsoaked Bridal Bed, the band seamlessly incorporates the mellow atmospheric/symphonic elements into a very punishing sound. It seems like we are listening to Bloodbath with some atmospheric stuff thrown into the mix. However, when they do incorporate the female vocals, like on On The Bloodsoaked Bridal Bed, they greatly enhance the creepiness of the music. By the time we reach Mistress of Putridity, the CoF influences are more obvious and this track specially borrows from their playbook more directly. We love how well-crafted the atmosphere is, and the vocals of Viktoria "Filth" Belchenkova are just magical in this track. The synths and guitars of Sergey Vasiliev greatly make this release by 100 times better than your average attempt at such a rich and complex genre. Closing with Gorge The Grumes, we particularly enjoy how the band takes more of a Sympho-Black Metal approach to things as the album comes to a close. Overall, we are quite impressed with this Russian bands massive and diverse sound. Nailing the Brutal Death Metal parts and seamlessly transitioning into symphonic/atmospheric passages is definitely one of their strong points. If you like CoF and similar bands filled with incisive guitars, lush vocal arrangements, and a powerful theatrical aspect, look no further and pick up a copy of Heritage of Putrescent.

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