"Unholy Black / Death Metal". That is how these 4 Ukrainian musicians want their music to be called. Sure thing, that is actually a pretty fitting enough musical description about their stuff. "Roar From Within", DEATHINCARNATIONs 2nd album, is a kind of interesting combination of MORBID ANGEL type of groovy riffs, musical complexity of a band like NECROPHAGIST, added with Black Metals always so rebellious, wild and uncompromising spirit. This is also a pretty blast beat ridden and keyboard driven stuff - full of different tempos but most importantly this stuff is very well done, too. Many times it is DARK FUNERALs name that crawls out from this record when spinning the songs through but DEATHINCARNATION put way more effort into keeping their songs varied and multi-layered than the aforementioned Swedish disciples of Satan. "Roar From Within" is the kind of album that surely appeals to both, Black and Death Metal fans, having enough certain musical ingredients for both groupings that likely will make people curious about this Cherkasy, Ukraine based Black / Death Metal act. Dare to enter the realm of DEATHINCARNATION?


Ukrainian Black/ Death Metal outfit Deathincarnation has almost 10 years of history behind them, during which they have recorded three studio albums. Their latest, Pandemic Blight, released on Russian cult label More Hate Productions, continues cutting wings off from all the sweet angels, so to speak. Musically, they sound a lot like Swedish masters of all evil Dark Funeral, but have a way more progressive and complex sound. It is all a masterfully executed mix of partly keyboard-driven Black Metal and technical and progressive Death Metal, at times leaning toward a similar chest-pounding sound as heard in Behemoths symphonic era. Seriously, the songs carry a lot of potential in them. It can be heard in everything that the guys have taken their time with the actual songwriting process when shaping up the songs for Pandemic Blight. Deathincarnation have a strong musical recipe for world domination, and hopefully more people, both in their home territory of Ukraine and elsewhere, can find this promising act. Regardless, this is a great record from these barely known Ukrainian extreme Metal troops.

DEATHINCARNATION "Dysfunctional Divine"

Deathincarnation have quietly gone around being one of the better bands in the Ukrainian scene since their inception in 2006, and their latest does not change that in the slightest. Honestly, I may as well point towards my review of Pandemic Light for reference, since Dysfunctional Divine is very similar to it. They still take the blasting intensity of Dark Funeral and meld in keyboard-driven atmospheric sections to build up tension and evoke darkened landscapes, all of which is topped off with drummer Yuriys hypersonic skin bashing. Thankfully, they have done it as well as they did last time, meaning this is yet another excellent example of their striking and unique brand of Black/Death with sometimes stunning keyboard work, making it as good a place as any to start if you have not already given them a listen. Plus, they threw in a cool H.R. Giger-inspired album cover to boot, and who can argue with that?

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