MORIA "Pain Shreds"

Ukraine modern Thrashers MORIA, released their 2nd album, "Pain Shreds", on Russian cult label More Hate Productions in 2011 but for some reason or the other, MORIA really haven't got any extra boost for their career after the release of this particular record. Well, whatever the reasons for that are, "Pain Shreds" stands nicely and firmly on its two feet, offering a heavy and very well crafted dose of modern sounding Thrash, with lotsa groove to it. This may be a shot in the dark but in a way I hear quite a lot of SOULFLY in MORIA's performance, added with some doses of the defunct Canadian tech Thrash / Groove Metallers OBLIVEON - and the "Carnivore Motormouth" era in particular. This stuff is all around a very masculine and angst-ridden stuff, oozing just tons of testosterone, making weak knees even weaker, and eventually begging for mercy. Also, there's more: instead of keeping the songs in a predictable form and one-dimensional, the MORIA camp has also been somewhat far-sighted enough to understand that the true potential lies in a versatile and sort of 'keep it fresh' type of performance. And that really shows on "Pain Shreds": the album is pretty much full of grooving Thrash Metal attitude and musical greatness and innovation of all sorts - and disliking this album turned an impossible task for myself.

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