MISTWEAVER Nocturnal Bloodshed


Spanish melodic Death Metal institution Mistweaver started out back in 1997 and has released five full-length studio albums since then. Their latest effort, Nocturnal Bloodshed, was originally released on Russian Satanath Records in 2014 and has also been co-released again by Russian More Hate Productions and Ukrainian Envenomed Music. Metal music knows no boundaries and connects people from all over the world. Nocturnal Bloodshed is a strong release from these Death Metal maestros. It is a powerful display of well-crafted Death Metal that can be surprisingly melodic, brutal and atmospheric and even symphonic all at the same time. One can hear influences from Dissection as well as Bolt Thrower but the bottom line is Mistweaver have put a lot of effort into their songs in order to come up with an album full of musical quality that will undoubtedly please many extreme Metal fans out there. Mistweaver have not tried to reinvent the wheel but just used some of the tastiest and catchiest ingredients that will make you return to this captivating and powerful album over and over again. Whether Nocturnal Bloodshed will ever raise Mistweaver to the big league of extreme Metal bands remains to be seen. However, if you are in a need of melodic, top-quality blackened Death Metal, here is a very good example and should inspire you follow Mistweaver and their future projects as well. Strongly recommended.

MISTWEAVER Nocturnal Bloodshed

Mistweaver is respectively was a Spanish Melodic Death Metal band and Nocturnal Bloodshed is their fifth and last full-length album. From what I read they started off more as some kind of Doom/ Death band but developed their sound into a more melodic and atmospheric style over the years. I do not call myself the biggest fan of Melodic DM as a lot of stuff coming out these days is quite cheesy and uninteresting with clean vocals and all that. I prefer DM without clean vocals in the same way I cannot stand growling in my Power or traditional Metal. Call me a purist. Mistweaver do not so much rely on saccharine and catchy easy-listening and sing-along music but put a lot of emphasis on atmosphere. They use keyboard sounds all over the record but not in an annoying and overly intrusive way. Those samples and elements are more used as the backbone of the music creating a sound collage taking the listener on an atmospheric trip. There are spacey and dreamy as well as pretty dark and eerie sections taking the listener on an emotional ride. As great as this might sound a Metal record should mainly be about the riffs and thankfully Mistweaver have not forgotten to implement some heavy and powerful ones on Nocturnal Bloodshed. Most songs are held in mid-tempo with outliers in both directions. There are faster parts but no technical wankery or high-speed attacks. The instrumentation is top-notch but I would not have expected otherwise from an experienced band at their peak. There is a certain melancholy present giving the record a very special character. This is helped by the fact that there are two guitarists interacting with each other alternating between the main riffs and the melodic leads. The songwriting is on spot. Most of the tracks are around the 5 minutes mark which is the perfect length for that kind of music. Chords and certain harmonies are repeated over the record making it one coherent piece of music instead of just a bunch of single songs. A few female vocal parts are weaved into the album but thankfully only in a subtle and selective way giving the music an additional layer in some spots. There is also a certain blackened feel to some of the songs creating a sinister and dark mood. The growling of singer Raul Weaver does not need any clean parts but comes across powerful with enough rawness to maintain the heavy overall feeling. The sound has been handled by Dan Swanö so you can expect a quite modern and crystal clear production. Each instrument has enough room to breathe and no detail has been buried in the mix. The fantastic cover artwork is adding to the overall quality of this what later has turned out to be the swan song of a talented band.

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