PUS LACTATION "A Cage for the Brain"

Ukrainian brutal Death Metal heroes Pus Lactation, formed from the ashes of Corpsegrinder in 2003, have reached that point in their career when it was the right time to release the bands debut full-length album, A Cage for the Brain. Pus Lactation performs their brutal and technical Death Metal in their own Ukrainian language, which does not disturb me because cookie-monster, gurgling Death growls are hard to understand in any language. Pus Lactation trust in a Cannibal Corpse/Deicide/Cryptopsy type of Death metal approach more than anything else on A Cage for the Brain. This Ukrainian bunch are pretty good at what they do and capture all the essential elements in their intense and brutal Death Metal onslaughts. Unfortunately, I have to say that their stuff has a tendency to grow tedious and boring after a few songs because it lacks any truly striking ideas. There is a bunch of similar sounding Death Metal acts out there these days that do this style way better so I don not see much longevity for Pus Lactation unless they are not able to improve a thing or two in the songwriting department. Brutal, technical and merciless Death Metal this certainly is but it just is not enough for a demanding Death Metal consumer, I am afraid.

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