NOROMI LUCALEN "Cursed and Forgotten"

This is some Russian Black Metal from Veliky Novgorod played by ghouls Inquisitor and Impious who have taken care of all the instruments themselves. The band is called Noromi Lucalen and they independently released their debut album Cursed and Forgotten in 2014 and it has now been reissued by More Hate Productions. Noromi Lucalen is a pretty interesting outfit. They perform their songs half in Russian and half in Finnish. Yes, you got that right, Finnish. This alone makes them not your typical Black Metal duo. Inquisitor and Impious have succeeded in sounding like a full band not just a two-man project. The songs are quite varied; they switch from fast blasting to slower, more atmospheric parts without much effort and at times they even flash some psychedelic moments, which gives them a bit more uniqueness. This Russian duo has given a lot of thought to their song arrangements so Noromi Lucalens Black Metal is complex with many different layers. The best parts on this album are those when they incorporate slower sections into the songs. During those moments the presence of true evil can be felt crawling on your skin. Noromi Lucalen was a great find. It proves once again how strong the Black Metal scene is in Russia. Noromi Lucalen is one of the least known but blackest pearls.

NOROMI LUCALEN "Vihaan Sinua Jeesus Kristus!"

This release has 3 songs from their 2010 I Hate You Jesus Christ EP which are tracks: The Last Chapter Of Our Bible, I Hate You Jesus Christ and Death As Salvation. The vital difference is that the band re-recorded those songs again, just recently, with totally destructive, new sound. Thanks to bands studio actions and decisions, Vihaan Sinua, Jeesus Kristus! is all fresh and has updated production which is why listening to this EP elevates to proper level of enjoying the music. Except these 3 mentioned songs, Noromi Lucalen also recorded Marduks cover that sounds like unstoppable evil force, like a war that takes lives and redeem the darkest souls by blood to feed off its hordes of darkness. Of course, this track can not be misleading and you quickly know, what this Russians music is about. The other song is Vihaan Sinua Jeesus Kristus! Finnish translator translates it as: I Hate You Jesus Christ! which is basically the second version of the same track that you can play both on the album. Notice that on the tracklist, these are songs with numbers 2 and 5 - the same music, just sang in two languages, separately. The sound of this EP is damned good, I like to ride with my mind throughout the music of this band. The vocalist sings as his shrieks were condemned by worst evil that humanity brings on them, oh...hear out those vicious and depraved screams. The first song is strong by riffs, not always fast but next tracks already are. Songs 2,5 are shining black metal tracks with few power-ups in form of powerful keyboards. Songs 3 (my personal best, they killz it here) and 4 have hateful riffs and vocals. Band is playing them fast or very fast with crossfire of strict blast beats and ferocious guitars which nonetheless, sound very brutal. I think that fans of ultra-speed tempos and bands like Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth will experience their favorite music somehow again, having bloody feast of black metal, given right to their ears. Seems like the band reflects their darkest music influences on this EP that exist in black metal now, but mostly have its basis in the past. Their songs are not much anything new or original in black metal and I am sure you have heard similar music like theirs before. But it is just not important, it is still, hellishly-good album. They just are re-inventing their own wheel with the songs from 2010. I can ensure you that in 2018 they sound very strong, like a band that has their evil incarnated to serve a better purpose for their own existence. They compromise nothing at all when comes to extremity of music which should satisfy orthodox maniacs of black metal. Prepare for 25 minutes of storming, dark, black metal massacre. You can either haunt others with them or being haunted by them!

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