MOONWAY "My 7even"

Belarus Doom Metal act MoonWay is not a name that rings the bell too much for many of us, or is it? They did not ring the bell for me at all. However, it is of course nice to make some new band discoveries every now and then - and this Belarusian 4-piece act has earned its own place among those "cool new band discoveries" for sure. The bands 7-song album, titled My 7even, was originally self-released in December 2011, with 8 songs (including an instrumental version of "My 7even"). The label More Hate Productions has dropped off this instrumental tune from this re-release, which they obviously had well-grounded reasons for. Nevertheless, MoonWay plays crispy, keyboard/piano-laden Doom Metal that has a lot of sticking, dreamy atmosphere and enough heaviness overall to appeal to fans of more extreme Metal. Vocalist Conner Lemacs deep and guttural death grunts are also pretty impressive, performed nearly the same way as Tomi Koivusaari on Amorphis first two albums. Also the guitar sound holds a lot of ruthless heaviness and crispness in them, supporting MoonWays efforts in making beautifully flowing, crushing and pretty hopeless-sounding Doom Metal, with some slight Death Metal overtones. Female vocalist Rusanas guest appearance on the song "Time Stops Here" also works well on the whole, bringing in welcome lightness and just a little bit of beauty to the record. My 7even is also blessed with a very good and clear production, sort of to optimize the bands attempts to be heard among bigger crowds as well. Not essential, but still a very good album all in all.

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