While They Sleep are a solo project from Ukraine that plays a very raw and old school form of black metal and this is a review of his 2016 album "La Nausea" which was released by Symbol Of Domination Productions. Water sounds start off the album before going into a heavier musical direction which also introduces both melodic guitar leads and riffs onto the recording as well as some grim black metal screams and when the music speeds up a great amount of tremolo picking and blast beats can be heard which also gives the music more of a raw feeling. Throughout the recording there is a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts and some of the tracks are very long and epic in length and the music is perfectly balanced between 90s second wave influences and 2004 era U.S black metal influences and as the album progresses atmospheric sounds along with clean playing can be heard briefly in certain sections of the recording and the album closes with an instrumental track.. While They Sleep plays a style of black meta l that is very raw in the old school tradition while also mixing in some of the modern atmospheric and depressive elements to create a very dark sounding recording, the production sounds very dark, raw and heavy while the lyrics cover dark, depressive and metaphysical themes. In my opinion While They Sleep are a very great sounding raw and atmospheric black metal solo project and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "In Harbor Extinguished Last Lantern" "Of Village" "Hermaphodite Of Being" and "Melencolia".


This album by Ukrainian one-man act While They Sleep could quite possibly be the wickedest release in these breviews-series. The project was founded by sole member Kvolkaldur (also known as Ildverden) in 2013. His style comes close to that of other one-man acts, including Leviathan, Xasthur, Nortt and Burzum. It is lo-fi, haunting, sharp and straight-forward. Personally, I would place this album into the depressive black metal scene, but I would mostly recommend this to anyone who is constantly on the lookout for the grimmest, bleakest and darkest releases from the underground. This is one of those gems that sound so old school that they never get outdated, and that is not an easy thing to accomplish.


My next record to review here is one-man band run by Kvolkaldur from Ukraina. He is basically responsible for handling all instruments and vocals. Before I have started to listen the album entirely, I pressed the play button with 2 random songs and it was not difficult to anticipate the band`s direction on the whole album... I do not like a word depressive so I prefer to use a term-nostalgic to describe the music which can be melancholic, dark and unsettling in this case. La Nausee have all of those different emotions and even blurred image on front cover literally says; fuck off it won`t be nice journey entering this village. I remember, in early 90`s there was a huge movement in black metal that`s been second waved by A Blaze In The Northern Sky from Dark Throne. The scene became cliché afterwards and there were a lot of harsh sounding bands with high pitched guitars similar to While They Sleep. I do not say it`s bad I just have been on this path hundred times, listening to many other albums, slightly relative to La Nausee. This CD is very long, contains very repeatable tracks so it’s a bit predictable for me. It`s certainly obscure sounding same as vocals but its rawness does not do a harm to the records, fortunately. It`s like being lost, deep in a woods and you are unable to find a way out. It has that feeling of helplessness, grimness driven by unforeseen forces that take power over you. I can tell you now that at night, when you set yourself to sleep and all lights are off, those songs responding on different level to my senses. Suddenly, music is more absorbing through its monotony and it`s much easier to go through dismal atmosphere of songs. Nothing to die for but it`s very decent black metal album.

WHILE THEY SLEEP "Les Fleurs Du Mal"

New album from Kvolkaldur which is While They Sleep one-man project continues on path of black metal from deepest depths of the underground. The album is quite similar to his previous effort La Nausee from 2016 but with the new one he moves on with music a little step forward. The atmosphere of the album is grim and dark. There are still chaotic and dismal songs but better riffs this time around. He dropped off a monotony of songs and gave the music faster pace a bit. Within the songs he switches the music patterns fairly often so you do not bore yourself to death, listening to the same riff for like 7-9 minutes which some bands do. WTS tends to attribute his music for those primitive Scandinavian black metal bands that invented the sound, like early Bathory albums and such. The Ghost is one of those songs I can accept as good one but overall, I canot remember anything once the album has stopped to play. I blame it on production of the album, not music ideas etc. Les Fleurs Du Mal sounds demo and I assume it was recorded in sort of improvised home studio. It`s like die hard thing for those of you who are addicted to play anything black metal no matter what. I just do not find it much memorable after all.

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