MORA PROKAZA "Dark Universe"

I really want other people to have possibility to reach out the band and get this album in possession just because it is so stunning piece of metal. This is band`s second full album after My Awakening EP (2015) and debut Bringer of Plague from the same year. Dark Universe is maintained in tradition of classic black metal, especially Scandinavian one which is a base to origin of the sound for MP. They have some minor elements in their music that always nice to hear from the bands like Mayhem, Dark Funeral, Master`s Hammer (oh those wicked laughs-vocals always give me creeps), Arkona(PL). Even so, it`s not much in argument that Dark Universe has its own brand and diversity in song writing. There are 8+ songs on the album and each one has its individual, character and emotions expressed throughout the whole album. I should say grimy and dark atmosphere deliver evil sound and frosty riffs as its best. You can listen to the fast drum beats and harsh speed guitars but also slow and very well anticipated melodic songs leave my mind in a realm of this album very naturally. Album is produced with a dirty, ice-cold sound in but enjoyment of hearing every instrument is still there. All songs without exception are very attractive, creative and technically they put it right to their skills. I must say without doubt! Mora Prokaza becomes one of my favorite bands from Belarus for making their astral black metal quite and very own.

MORA PROKAZA "Dark Universe"

... And Jesus wept once again, as the black seed has been sowed and utter hatred has been spread everywhere. Evil lurks among weak Christian people that will be eliminated from the face of the earth, one by one. The Republic of Belarus brings us Mora Prokaza, a three-piece Black Metal act that has arrived among us with their black and anti-Christian flags flying high against the storming, lightning-filled sky. Mora Prokaza were formed in the summer of 2013 by guitarist and singer Farmakon and drummer Isvind. Since then, the band has released two full-length studio albums and one EP. Dark Universe is filled with all kinds of Black Metal aesthetics, both philosophically and musically. The mostly mid-paced anthems are all carefully crafted, offering a good sackful of original and unorthodox ingredients that make me tempted to call them Black Metals Voivod. The more you listen to this album, the more you can understand the level of ingenuity of the bands songwriting skills. The band poured a great amount of their musical creativity into this opus, which cannot be left ignored among the Black Metal community. Dark Universe may not be a game changer for Mora Prokaza, but nobody can deny the fact that they have recorded a decent Black Metal album.

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