It's not too often that you get a band out of Belarus. With the way that the guys write their name, I figured it was Black Metal. So, I have to pop it in and see what I am in for. The instrumental title track was more than Progressive and technical as hell. I guess I would figure that I was in for a Power/Progressive ride after listening to that. Then we finally hit "The Vision Of Dream" which sounds like old school Thrash with 80's riffs that are pretty catchy, but then the evil growls come crashing in. Damn, these guys are fast and tight. The music remains pretty much melodic, but then some blast beats enter the scenario. These guys are pretty impressive because everything that they do is unpredictable and they don't follow any sort of blueprints for the specific genre that they perform in. "The Black Wandering Of Death I" has plenty of Power Metal riffs which is odd, but they throw in the BM influences and stylings throughout the track and disc as well, but they come in when you don't expect them too. C.O.B. will come to mind a bit, but there is more aggression here and music tends to be bleaker despite the happy PM riffs. A BM ballad is something you don't hear everyday, but you get the acoustical number "The Ancient Track" and it's a pretty interesting listen as well because it's beautiful work combined with cookie monster vocals. I can assure you all that this is an unusual experience, but a good one at that. There is a demonic version of JUDAS PRIEST's "Leather Rebel." It's heavier than the original version and it's proven here. There are some interesting notes that must be mentioned. It seems like the first nine songs were recorded in 1999 and then re-mastered in 2003 for a 2004 release. Now, after the nine songs on here, there are an additional six more, but not listed on the band's site or the inlay card. The tracks seem to appear to all be demo tracks from older stuff. Don't ask from when or where because my guess is as good as yours. This is a good listen and if you take it for what it is and compare it to a DARKTHRONE album then you will be just fine with it.

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