ANCIENT SPHERES "In Conspiracy with the Night"

Out of the many South American countries, the Costa Rican Metal scene is the one that is lesser known to me personally. But they certainly have heap-loads of Metal bands that try to get public attention, some even succeeding in doing that in some scale. Ancient Spheres is a Black Metal trio from Cartago that has released a couple of EPs and a couple of full-lengths within their six-year existence. Their releases have mostly been available as digitally only, but gladly there are labels like the Russian Satanath Records and More Hate Productions that have been doing their best to get these hard-to-get items out. In Conspiracy with the Night is this bunchs second studio album, co-released by the aforementioned two fine labels, with Ancient Spheres six-track EP, titled Under the Spell of the Spheres, as a bonus on it (minus the covers of Immortal and Mayhem). Musically, we are led into the dark catacombs of primitive Nordic sounding Black Metal on this release, which may bring early Immortal to mind for some, or early Dødheimsgard for some others or even something else really in between these two Norwegian Black Metal titans. I am sure Ancient Spheres will appeal to many with their primitive, raw and all too familiar-sounding Black Metal approach on this 15-song release, but they certainly did not freeze my moon all over. The album unquestionably has its moments, but I would rather stick to the old guns of the genre than give a fair chance to Ancient Spheres to "grow on me" eventually, so to speak. Well, nuff said I guess. Next...

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