Russian two-man Black Metal act, Devilgroth, has been very creative ever since the band was formed back in 2008. Devilgroth has recorded six demos and six full-length studio albums in total during their six-years career, which is a lot in my sincere opinion. What makes things a bit more interesting is that this Russian duo has not only operated with their mother tongue, but also Norwegian, Swedish, German and English. It takes some guts to perform your music with such a cavalcade of different languages, does not it? On Devilgroths latest album, Morena, co-released between More Hate Productions, Nacroleptica Productions and Darknagar Records (all Russian extreme underground labels), the band let their raw, avant-garde and misanthropic Black Metal do all the talking for them. The production is lo-fi, but there is this certain, unexplained spark of sheer curiosity coming through their black arts of controlled noise that locks you in to listen to them. I have never heard a band quite like Devilgroth that exploits kind of nicely some very unorthodox and dissonant elements within their songs. They need some credit for choosing to perform the type of raw and primitive sounding Black Metal that is far away from any familiar and commonly accepted Nordic Black Metal soundscapes. Devilgroth will probably never get popular, but at least they are trying something out of the norm, which at least gets some respect in my book. Morena is not for everyone, but for the sake of hearing something a little bit different and exceptional, they are definitely worth checking out.


Dark Music from Siberia, Russia? This must be raw and cold Black Metaland for fuck sakeit is! With 6 demos and 6 full lengths within 8 years, you can not deny the black souls behind Devilgroth have trouble to come up with material. Esoteric material, when you listen to Morena, a female mythological figure related to seasonal ceremonies of dying and resurrection of nature. It has a raw atmosphere and the duration of the tracks are above 5 minutes. You can hear some nice raw atmospheric ideas (like Striborg), it is also messy and sounding like a jam session from time to time. Or as they call it a It is the energy of eternal cold reincarnated in musical form. A quick pre-listen would be my advice.

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