CHAME-LEON "A Night Of Wild Machines In The City Of Darkness"

I could not find any basic information about the band, even if it is common opinion that access to it should be very easy. If their label MHP did not published any info about the band I think that would be impossible to get more than that. So, let is stick to facts I found and first to know is that the band comes from Russia and they released their first full length Taste This Soul! in 2013. Three years later, the album A Night Of Wild Machines In The City Of Darkness is available since the end of 2016. Also worth to mention that new album was printed in Russian language so all that you can see on front cover is actually original release and bands name in Russian goes like this: CHAME-LEON! There is plenty of good music written by them with this particular album. From the very first minutes Chame-Leon delivers best of melodic heavy metal. It is really good to hear they are capable to play speed metal songs so the album is diverse but it is not the only reason it happens. They treat their keyboardist very seriously because various orchestrations are all over the place in their songs and they fulfill any possible gap that could possibly occur in their compositions. Thanks that, they keep this album thick and vivid and each song is different from each other. If you like Halloween, Rhapsody Of Fire, this band is highly inspired by them and Germans in particular. It is not like they are copycat of them because the album still feels very fresh and they have mature, kick ass songs which are pretty good even if I play album randomly at any time . They have a lot of vitality and their own ideas going on with the songs and it is not any disadvantage if those are heavy inspired by best power metal bands. Their vocalist is very talented singer who brings a lot of Russian identity by singing his native language which is very cool. Guitarists have it top notch if you think about solos and certainly...without amazing leading rhythms and awesome shreds, this album would never be so catchy. They have music nicely balanced so if you want faster-jaw dropping songs or slower-moody tracks, even ballads and monumental moments then you are likely to find it all here.

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