Here is a split of two Belarusian bands and they both share approx. 27 minutes on this release. Sagotorium presents their 6 songs that go in various directions and the style of their music is quite difficult to target in just one world. If I look at it from guitars and drums perspective then I hear a lot of death and thrash influences mixed with grind core. But they have a keyboard and the sound of it touches the boundaries of industrial and even techno music. Those change my perception on their music which gives it interesting twist and I like it better with those elements. The band has very funny sounding vocals and they keep it varied but quality of it is not following the level of the music as much as I would like it. There is a song with very punk attitude as well so you can imagine Sagotorium has lot to offer musically and I am not bored by it at all. The second is a band Exegutor. It is a little different story because they are barely to compare with their comrades from Sagotorium which is OK. Their first song really got my interest in the band. This is very thrash, hard core track with aggressive, intense guitars and vocals are killer, too. Basically, all other songs are pretty amazing and I believe those are perfect for a circle pit with such hammering sound they have here. They remind me a bit of Slayer with their Diabolus In Musica but Exegutor has more hard core, grind core elements added to the whole concept of the music. Those Belarusians have few albums out already and they certainly use this experience to write strong and mature songs. I think this band is super cool and heavy and they show no weakness with this release.

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