2021-11-03 - NEW CD!!! MHP 21-389 MORTAL DISMAY "Unspoken"!!!

The debut full-length album by thrash/ death metal band from Russia!!!

2021-10-13 - NEW CD!!! MHP 21-387 MAXDETTA "XII"I!!!

The full-length album by hard electro/ hard trance/ ebm band from Russia!!!

2021-10-04 - NEW CD!!! MHP 21-385 WINTERS BREATH Graveyard Symphonies!!!

The debut full-length album by symphonic black metal band from Austria!!!

2021-09-28 - MHP 21-388 PSYCHOSURGICAL INTERVENTION "Psychosurgical Intervention Act I Remastered & Extended"!!!

Reissue of debut album by Russian slamming brutal death metal band!!!

2021-09-15 - NEW CD!!! MHP 21-386 CAEDERE Eighty Years War (Dutch War of Independence)!!!

The new full-length album by brutal death metal band from Netherland!!!

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