2019-01-02 - NEW CD!!! MHP 19-310 MOONGATES GUARDIAN "The Last Ship"!!!

The new album by Russian Epic Medieval/ Atmospheric Black Metal band!!!

2018-12-28 - NEW CD!!! MHP 18-309 TRUPOVOZKA Miasma of human underside!!!

The first full-length album by Russian death metal band!

2018-12-25 - New promo video by Polish band Mass Insanity!!!

On Thursday (6/12), a video to promote the latest MASS INSANITY album was released. The CD is titled "Maveth" and the promo video title is "Supported Pathology". This video was filmed and edited by Ola Fryca responsible for "Dark Passenger" video from "Antihuman" album explains Marcin "Mały" Brzeziński, the vocalist of the band. "Maveth" is the third full-length album in discography of MASS INSANITY. - It consists of eight songs with death metal core and straightforward character. However, it does have some elements from other metal genres says Marcin "Mały" Brzeziński. The vocalist is open about the sound of MASS INSANITY it is the result of fifteen years of musical experience, both studio and concert, and the exchange of views between the musicians. - This record is primarily a view of music from the perspective of metal fans we have always remained. The album will be released by a Russian label More Hate Production in February 2019. The album was recorded in Antihuman Studio and then sent to Michał Grabowski from Black Team Media who collaborated with FETO IN FETUS, CHRIST AGONY and KILL for mixing and mastering. Black Team Media is also responsible for album layout. The cover art, in turn, is a part of "Emanation" the work painted by a talented painter Michał Powałka - says the singer. Watch Video:

2018-12-05 - NEW CD!!! MHP 18-269/ NP-089-18 DEFLECTION Violent Atrophy!!!

A joint release of More Hate and Narcoleptica Productions: Reissue of debut album by Russian death metal band!

2018-12-03 - NEW CD!!! MHP 18-307 IMPRESS "Dva Puti (Two Ways)"!!!

The new full-length album by Russian Groove Metal/ Hardcore band!

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