2019-09-13 - NEW CD!!! SAT254/ MHP 19-326 ORDER OF THE EBON HAND "The Chariot"!!!

A joint release of More Hate and Satanath Records: The new album by Greek black metal band!!!

2019-09-12 - NEW CD!!! 042GD/ MHP 19-325 EDUCATED SCUM "Corrupt"!!!

A joint release of Grimm Distribution and More Hate: The new album by Russian death/ grindcore metal band!!!

2019-08-27 - NEW CD!!! MHP 19-333 HELLBOMB "Darkness Grinds Within"!!!

The second full-length album by Russian extreme metal band!

2019-08-20 - NEW CD!!! MHP 19-334 ERYX Killing for Escape!!!

The new debut album by Russian modern thrash metal band!

2019-08-13 - NEW CD!!! MHP 19-330 HLADOMRAK Arctic Hysteria!!!

The second full-length album by black metal band from Sweden!

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