2011-11-18 - NEW CD!!! MSR026/CD - MHP 11-086 ECLIPSE "Triumph of the Pain"!!!

New full-length album by the famous Ukrainian Death Metal band!!!

2011-11-14 - NEW CD!!! MHP 11-088 SCREAMING FOREST "Holy Satan"!!!

Third album by Screaming Forest is out now!!!

2011-11-11 - NEW CD!!! MHP 11-090 TORTURER "Infinity of Illusions"!!!

The second full-length album "Infinity Of Illusions" by TORTURER (Ukraine) released by More Hate Productions!!!

2011-11-11 - SLAUGHTER BRUTE Systematic Transmutation will be out on More Hate!!!

Second album SLAUGHTER BRUTE Systematic Transmutation will be produced under the Russian label MORE HATE prods. and Ukrainian ECLECTIC prods. at the beginning of 2012 year. Stuff was recorded at the BEASTS Studio, all artwork performed by Ukrainian artist SEEMING WATCHER.

2011-11-10 - NEW CD!!! MHP 11-084 KHASHM "Portals of Inferno"!!!

The new album by occult black metal project KHASHM!!!

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