2009-12-30 - NEW!!! MHP 09 065 CD NEUROSPLIT PROPHET Encrypted Future Contingency!!!

Right now, Neurosplit Prophet altogether with More Hate Production are proud to present the debute album called "Encrypted Future Contingency"!!! It involves the athmospherically-sounding interesting and recognizable death metal.

2009-10-16 - NEW!!! MHP 09-060 CD SOLARWARD As the Sky Stares Down

Debut album of black metal warriors from Belarus!!!

2009-09-07 - NEW!!! MHP 09-063 CD DAGOR DAGORATH "Yetzer Ha

Russian release of DAGOR DAGORATH's full length album "Yetzer Ha'Ra!!!

2009-08-03 - NEW CD!!! MHP 08-055 CD SCREAMING FOREST "Black Kingdom of Lust

Debut CD of Ukrainian black metal band SCREAMING FOREST is out now!!!

2009-07-28 - NEW CD!!! MHP 09-061 CD ...OF CELESTIAL "The Strange Infinity"

Introducing: ...OF CELESTIAL (Urkaine) and their debut album of bombastic sympho black death metal.

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