2019-06-19 - NEW CD!!! MHP 19-324 UNSU Darkest In The Sun!!!

The new full-length album by French grind core band!

2019-06-14 - NEW CD!!! MHP 19-323 SPACE HAMSTER The Ascent to Nothingness!!!

The new album by a thrash/ death core band from Czech Republic!!!

2019-06-04 - NEW CD!!! NP-178-19/ MHP 19-320 ARS NOCTURNA Epsilon!!!

A joint release of More Hate and Narcoleptica Productions: The new full-length album by Russian dark metal band!

2019-05-22 - NEW CD!!! MHP 19-322 ABORTED FETUS "Dark Legions of Apocalypse"!!!

The new compilation album by brutal death metal band from Russia!

2019-04-05 - NEW CD!!! MHP 19-316 REGNAT HORRENDUM "Dogs of Christ"!!!

The new album by black metal band from Kaliningrad, Russia!

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