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Dargonomel is formed back in 2011 on the ruins of Subterra Demort, which has involved the current members of the team: Valery "Var" Rupasov (bass, vocals), Roman "Shaks" Kropachev (guitar).

Rethinking of the canons of Blackened Death metal gives starting to the new sound and the ideology of the band. The name "Dargonomel" comes from an ancient bloody cult, and all creativity of the band is permeated with mysticism and occultism. Inspired by De_Vermis_Mysteriis and Black Tablet", the leader of the band, Var, composes music stuff to album in the same vein. For this moment the band is looking for a drummer and is a studio project. Problem is resolved unconventionally - drum section to the album is recorded by Dmitry "Rat" Seliverstov - a session musician from St. Petersburg. In the beginning of 2012 the band shoots a video to the song Eternal dilemma, which is included in the full-length album Varkulama. In autumn Alexander "Tympanzer" Teplyh joins the band. Along with the album the band will be featured in "Scandinavian wind compilation (Nitroatmosfericum rec.) with the cover to Watain - Reeping Death.

Album "Varkulama" is mixed and mastered by Igor Korolev (KIV Records) in 2012. Nowadays the band is actively rehearsing and creating the new material for the second album.

Line up:

  • Valery "Var" Rupasov - bass, vocals
  • Roman "Shaks" Kropachev guitars
  • Nick Vexatus Sizov giutars
  • Dmitry "Rat" Seliverstov drums


Official website of the band:

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