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Pantianakáis formed back in 2004.áMusical tastes of band members differ significantly resulting in a combination of different metal genres typical ofáPantianak.áIn general the band looks up to famous metal bands of the late XX century. Bandĺs sound is a fusion of melodic mid-tempoáblack-metal,áaggressiveádeath-metaláand romanticágothic-doom-metal.áLyrics deal with religion, mysticism, occultism and folklore of different nations.áDuring the 10 years of bandĺs existenceáPantianakáhas played many shows at different venues of their hometown and Moscow, shared stage with such coryphaei of native metal scene asáAshen Light, Stigmatic Chorus, ReAnima, Arcana Imperia,áPutĺ Solntsa, Sinful, Blackthornáand others.áIn 2006 the band self-releases a studio-recorded demo ôDemonstration of the Bereavementö consisting of 4 tracks. The release is followed by serious line-up changes having a positive effect on bandĺs progress.áIn 2010 the debut full-length album is recorded but remains unreleased for 4 years due to circumstances. In 2014áthe decision is made to release the album through the agency ofáMore Hate Productioná(Russia).áCurrently the band works on the new material for the second album and prepares a new concert program.

Line up:

  • Andrey Baikov - vocals
  • Andrey Krutenyov - drums
  • Pavel Ignatenkov - keyboards
  • Aleksey Nokalaenkov - guitars, bass

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