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NimphaioN are a Russian symphonic black/death band from Shuya. Since the time of its formation and after two demo releases between 2005 - 2009, NimphaioN have released two LP albums In Darkness (2011) and Flame of Faith (2013), and also have taken part in a few tributes.

NimphaioN played in many towns in central Russia but their first international gig was in 2012 when they performed at Metal Crowd2012. In 2013 NimphaioN had their first tour together with Claymords, Todestribe and Homoferus. Since their inception, NimphaioNs music has always been a contrasting combination of bright melodism, inspired by classical music and aggression, intrinsic to black/death metal. Probably, the current NimphaioN style would be better characterised by the term a most melodic black because of the gradual reduction of MDM elements and since the symphonic style of their arrangements went further than just using keys which in most cases means sympho in the name of a bands style.

NimphaioN is not a commercial project and thanks to that the band has a choice not to follow either the mainstream or someones taste and to keep in their music only the very best qualities of contemporary metal.

Line up:

  • Alexey Lapshov vocal
  • Vadim Malyshev - gitars
  • Ilya Yevstigneyev - bass
  • Alexandr Pojivilko - drums
  • Sofia Prjesmitskaya - keys


Official website of the band:

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