I have been playing this record with my mouth open like it was something I never heard before. I did of course but it was while since my ears have survived the storm of slamming and heavy as fuck sounding death metal as on this album. Those Canadians asking no questions and just shot bullets in your head with compact and drain drilling drumming which parts I am under impression of. There are different vocals but singing here is never away from extremity and canons of the genre. They make sure it is done gruesome and the brutal way. Slamming death metal has something enormous the way it kills but they also compose their horrors of sound by adding a lot of brutal death metal and grind elements to slam your head and free your body from torture. After few minutes Time To Panic gave me clear signals that I get what I want and what I expect from extreme album. A 15 songs with so many crushing guitars and tempo changes makes your head bang up and down constantly. A precise blast beats on drums and intensity of it makes me think it is maybe a robo-man behind the kit but you know, it is all good. If you turn your volume up and play it really loud then you can start your body count because this album is just fucking brutal and killz it, old good way.

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