HELLBOMB "Hatebombs from Hell"

Hellbomb members balancing their band activities between 2 major cities of Russia: Moscow and Saint Petersburg. If you follow, you can notice that I review Eastern European scene for a few weeks now and I do not think things could go any better from that point on. Just now, the bands I spontaneously can recall for their really good albums they put out are Equinox, Eclipse, Mora Prokaza, Bestial Deform, Majesty of Revival. Hellbomb is quite different than any of those, so my enthusiasm writing this review is even bigger now. Hatebombs From Hell is a hideous album with nasty vocals and uncompromising lyrics. Sometimes they can go really ugly and very straightforward but it should not surprise many people nowadays, especially metalheads which are resistant to heavy, dirty sounds and vulgar words anymore...They hit with simple but brutal songs like Venom, Sodom, Fredag Den 13:e. However they are more raw, violent and underground sounding than any of them. Russians are convincing in merging their punk influences with death metal which they slightly proved in few songs on the record in very furious and fast way. Music wise, punk is more present on the whole record than death metal but they are dealing with old school metal mainly which gives me impression of black thrash as their prior style. Hellbomb has wide range of influences and they know how to transform different genres into satisfying form of music fitness. This album spreads sonic terrors and enjoying heck out of it is beyond question.

HELLBOMB "Hatebombs from Hell"

This young Russian trio has only been in existence since 2014 and they claim their music to be a sinister and detonating mix of Black Metal, Punk (Hardcore), and Doom/Stoner. Well, on paper that sounds relatively interesting, does not it? Hatebombs from Hell, Hellbombs debut album, reclaims Ц at least partly Ц some of the expectations I had towards this record. To me they sound like a punkier version of Ohios gore masters, Necrophagia, from The Divine Art of Torture album on, up to the bands latest album, WhiteWorm Cathedral. Isavar on vocals reminds me strongly of Killjoys insane and deranged vocal delivery, and thats always a good sign. Besides that, Hellbombs ravenous, amazingly vicious and even stylish combination of certain rebellious music styles turns out to be a successful recipe. I personally like the bands fuck-you-all punk attitude that they have so well incorporated into the songs, simply letting some steam off and not caring about anything else around them. Hellbombs debut album is a pretty crazy and hysteric sounding package all in all. I am definitely going to keep my eyes out for their future comings and goings.

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