BRAINTEASERS "Quotes Of Great People"

Interesting thing about this release is that the core of the band is managed by 2 persons; Vladimir (guitar, bass, vocals) and Natalia on drums. However the album itself has 10 guest musicians and some of them play a few uncommon instruments which in death metal is not everyday thing. For example violin has its space in songs Palace Of The Fat And Shit and The Quiet. I think it sounds likeweird along death metal but I can recall similar approach in album of Pan-Thy-Monium back in the days which I really enjoy to this day. Flute and bayan enrich instrumental song called The Quiet again which is like none death metal, except maybe few seconds when song ends up. It`s very cool and entertaining composition that let you take a deep breath towards the end of the album. Brainteasers use many guitar techniques so they are constantly on top of some amazing riffs either pretty technical or progressively challenging. In Quotes Of Great People there are so many incredible moments which reminds American death metal with bands like Suffocation and even touch of Gorguts I find highly exciting here and in other songs, too. Dilligence, Andrey Bahmetiev and Busywork keep on delivering quality death metal that contains wise song writing and brutality. Vocals here are much more grind oriented like pig squeals unless other musicians do it differently and more flexible. And final track Zombie OST is another instrumental one which is band`s interpretation of the main theme from Zombie horror movie classic, originally composed by Fabio Frizzi. Another great one! Bravo for those guys for diverse and murderous piece of not-only death metal and twist of cinematography.

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