ZORORMR "Corpus Hermeticum"

Poland has been known for its vast and high-quality Black and Death Metal scene over the years. It is especially known for its many quality acts Ц this Zørormr being one of them Ц run by a guy using the pseudonym Moloch. The music herein is a pretty fast and frenzied Black Metal, spiced up with some real, skillfully executed Heavy Metal solos (you can find some of them on such songs as "Nyarlathotep" and "Corpus Hermeticum" for instance), which is a pretty surprising element on a Black Metal album. Moloch clearly wanted Zørormr to sound fast, moody, varied and keeping an element of surprise within the songs, stretching and ripping apart song structures whenever it is needed. In a way, I could say Zørormr breaks some known norms and boundaries of Black Metal the same way as Abbath does in his solo career, but still sounding completely different from Abbath, trusting the chosen vision he has built up around Zørormr. The mid-paced and very powerful "The Seventh Sermon to the Dead" is probably the albums stand-out track, having lots of ominous, fleeting atmosphere incorporated into it. Pretty much the same words also apply a song called "Worship Me...", in which Moloch kindly tells everyone to worship... himself, hehe! Zørormr earns to be checked out due to the strong and capturing wholeness that Moloch has succeeded in creating around his project.

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