STONEHENGE "Scum Brigade"

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Stonehenge is a Metal band from Moscow, Russia, including members from Rossomahaar and Nargathrond, and I suspect several of the other members are known from other Russian Metal bands, although I'm not certain. Anyway, "Scum Brigade" seems to be the band's fourth album. The music is kind of basic and plain metal. Pure Metal riffing, sounding like a mixture of Heavy Metal, sometimes a tad of Speed Metal and perhaps a little bit of Death Metal. Althought the band slow things down with acoustic guitar playing once in a while. There are occasional pleasing lead guitar melodies and some solo playing. The vocals are, simply put: growling, sounding like a mix of crispy Black Metal screeching and higher Death Metal growls. Soundwise, the mix is very good, with audible bass lines and every instrument being discernable from the other, making for nice interactions between the bass and guitars. The sound is, however, perhaps a bit hollow at times. The guitars sound very "round" and warm. But I actually think it suits the album. So the technical basis is pure Metal with growling vocals, however the songs do hold some identity. Most of the material is mid-tempo Metal with quite a bit of groove and catchy riffs. Oh, and I almost forgot: lots of nice melodies!

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