DEHYDRATED "Awake in Era"

There are few bands with the same name out there and I even heard one of them but this Russian band from Tomsk with their Awake In Era album is so good that beyond comparison to other with name as theirs. I have done a little research about the band and they are quite productive with their music. Since 2010, when their first Duality Of Existence album came out there has been another full length called Zone Beneath The Skin released in 2012. Moreover, between 2010 and 2015 they figured few EP`s and split releases so it`s the band that breeds a lot of music and most important, very good one. Awake In Era from 2015 is the album I have a superb symbiosis with. It is not like I needed just one play to like their music. I actually went through those 9 songs quite few times because they put a lot of technicality to their death metal style. Still, they fused it with progressive elements that demand even more focus and attention from the point of the listener. Theres a lot of music tension they offer and I discover many great ideas that appetite my desire for this album to listen to over and over again. Guitars and drumming are fantastic here and the way they reach out awesome rhythms and shreds to obtain certain quality of music is overall impressive. They can go furious and brutal with their music but songs structures are complex and there is a lot of it to enjoy. Whatever I would write about Dehydrated, it is most significant for them they are much disciplined band to date and their instrumental aesthetics deserves high appreciations. Dehydrated is also death metal, thank to their vocalist which is a girl. She blazes extremity of her vocals to fine levels. It`s another female vocalist in metal that is worth attention for what shes doing with her voice, either it is guttural, growling or grind related pig squeals. If you like Death, Sceptic and this kind of technical death metal then Dehydrated is what you need to have your time well spent.

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