DARGONOMEL "Varkulama"

It is already largely known that such a big country as Russia is, they also have a high quality Metal scene over there that has produced many great sounding acts for many years already, truly worth our attention. That list is basically endless, so without starting any somewhat unnecessary name bombardment about any of these Russian top quality Metal names, let is concentrate on this 3-piece act out of the vast Russian Metal scene instead - a band named DARGONOMEL. Technically speaking, this act was formed in 2006 and existed about 4 years under the SUBTERRA DE MORT moniker - and even getting one album out titled "Ultimatum" by that name. In 2011 the band name was changed to SAKKATH, and pretty much during the same year, they finally ended up taking the DARGONOMEL name for themselves, which they have been using ever since. "Varkulama" is their first 11-song official record, and I must tell you DARGONOMELs own fusion of Black and Death Metal is catapulted out in one hell of an entertaining package on this very hate-filled and dark record. To get some facts straight as for starters, DARGONOMEL represent that end of extreme Metal bands that anything - ANYTHING really, could be possible for them in the future if some lucky stars were meant to be turned for an ideal position for them. I guess it could be said that only the sky above us, is a limit for them. I mean, if bands like the Polish BEHEMOTH and VADER have both make things big for themselves over the years, nothing should stop DARGONOMEL to enter a bigger international league with this top-notch blackened Death Metal either. Musically, DARGONOMELs own song compositions do reach the same quality level as can be found from either some of BEHEMOTHs or VADERs latest offerings. In fact, in many ways the Russian DARGONOMEL do remind me of those two powerful Polish war tanks as far as their intense, very atmospheric and amazingly well composed Black / Death Metal is concerned - spiced with some progressive and experimental elements that originally the Jerusalem based MELECHESH have become known for using on their latest albums without reservation. What "Varkulama" is first and foremost, it is definitely one of the most outstanding, most powerful, most idea-rich and most carefully crafted extreme Black / Death Metal albums released in 2013. I was totally blown away when I heard it for the very first time - probably because at first I really did not expect much out of it at all. DARGONOMEL deserve to become more known around in the every corner of the world, as they truly represent the highest quality of whole Black / Death Metal genre. This stuff definitely has lotsa potential smoking value to it - and big time even!

DARGONOMEL "Varkulama"

Behemoth and company move over, today we have Russias Dargonomel and their devastating Black/Death Metal debut release Varkulama. Delivering over 45 minutes of crushing music, this band has enough power behind their sound to blow the competition away. Filled with hate and brutality, the 11 tracks presented in this release are relentless and uncompromising. Opening with two songs with atmospheric intros titled Leviathan retributive and From the void this is beyond, this Russian three-piece delivers unrivaled waves of brutality. Focusing on aggressive riffs, lush drumming, and brutal hate-filled vocals, tracks like Varkulama showcase their aggressive power and superior execution skills. The tracks are filled with powerful Death Metal riffs, enough to please any of the genres most demanding fans. Switching between tracks that need intros, and others that just blast away at the listener, Varkulama is one very well balanced album that showcases the bands strengths and avoids being linear at all costs. Some of our favorite tracks in this release include the terrifying Discrowned, the punishing Ave incanus, and the monumental Under the bleeding sign - a very intricate and well-crafted instrumental piece. As the album draws to a close with the chilling Adventum Execratum and the crushing bonus track Let the beast out, we can not help but wonder how much can this band improve in the future. With a commanding debut full-length, the pressure is on to create an even more powerful and devastating release next. If you like Behemoth and Black/Death Metal releases that have a very solid production with brilliant execution, be sure to get yourself a copy of this release.

DARGONOMEL "Astazebian"

Here is a very interesting, dark and brutal album from Russian band Dargonomel. Seems that scene over there is pretty much crowded because it is another band from that area that is quite impressive with their music. The album is fulfilled with occult themes inspired by Necronomicon, ancient mythologies, witchcraft and relevant topics. The viciousness of music is what evil bands used to have in their arsenal of sounds and Dargonomel is the one you certainly want to hear. Astazebian is black, death metal album with fast and atrocious songs but also technical ones which is a precious for their music. The quality of tracks is set on very satisfactory level. Maturity of music is written in their nature because of their incredible musicianship, which for me, is out of question. When chaos and brutality of the music takes over, they will leave you lifeless in the shadow of moonlight. The Astazebian album portrays them as very uncompromising horde but they want their music to reach out the sinister sounds which indeed, lies in darkness of their very well composed songs. You shall probably think about bands like Belphegor, Behemoth (mid discography) when you listen to this album but it seems that you have no choice when you are constantly in the middle of storming blast beats, evil riffs and merciless vocals. This album is like a fire you can not stop and like a wounded, wild animal that will fight till last breath against bloodthirsty oppressors. It is a catalyst album that brings all best elements of blackened death metal into one album which is Astazebian. Dargonomel deserves(!) much better recognition for this outstanding effort.

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