MYSTERIA MORTIS "Waters of Tund"

Mysteria Mortis is a new gem of the Slavic folk pagan metal scene, coming from the Far Eastern Russian city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur (???????????-??-?????) near Japan and North-East China! The band was formed in 2009 by Annette Ignis, Danila Finn Kutko and Sviatoslav Postevoy. After line-up additions and changes the band participated in several gigs and they started recording their first album. Finally they signed a contract with the Russian label More Hate Productions, who released their debut full-length album ???? ???? on May 2013. Like most Russian bands of the genre, Mysteria Mortis have a very professional production, where all instruments are heard perfectly clear and natural. This might be only their debut album, but the band seems to have a very strong personality. They dont play typical folk pagan metal, but they are deeply influenced by female fronted melodic symphonic metal, adding also few elements of gothic extreme metal and pagan black metal. The result is uniquely beautiful and tight with mature, wonderful and catchy compositions. Guitars and synths dominate equally their sound, while flutes, violins and whistles have a more secondary role. Mysteria Mortis is lucky to have an amazing singer, Annette Ignis, with a beautiful, characteristic and quite different voice! She mostly sings with clean female vocals, but there are many parts where the band adds black metal screams, performed both by Annette and Finn. Their music is very melodic, with enchanting vocal lines and rich symphonic orchestrations, moving mostly in fast tempo. Waters of Tund, includes 9 songs plus a bonus track Monsegur with a total duration a little over 43 minutes. All lyrics are in Russian, dealing with their ancestors traditions, myths and legends. Mysteria Mortis have really impressed me with their debut album both musically and sound-wise, with their professional mainstream, but not over-polished sound. I totally recommend them to fans of pagan folk metal and symphonic metal. ???? ???? is released by More Hate Productions in a standard jewel-case edition with 12-page booklet, including all lyrics and band photography. You should visit their official pages and listen to their beautiful music.

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