PENTSIGN "The Call Of The Ancient"

Hailing from Murmansk, Russia, PENTSIGN crawl out from the frosty ground where they have been slumbering for 5 years since the release of their debut album, "Cacophonous March Of The Dark". These thrashing Black / Death Metallers' 2nd full-length, baptized by the title of their mother language "??? ??????? (English translation for this being "The Call Of The Ancient"), brings PENTSIGN into the dark light as one viciously attacking and malevolently terrorizing group who also seem to instrumentally pretty darn advanced, kicking off technically challenging moments within the songs that do require some hours of intense rehearsal sessions. The main focus is in Black Metal on "The Call Of The Ancient" though, which has boiled in the soup of technical hybrid of both Death and Thrash Metal, all this providing a nicely intense listening experience. The vocals have been divided on those shrieking Black Metal snarls - and occasionally vomited Death Metal growls, which symbiosis works kinda well on this opus indeed. Some effects have been also used on this record - and they have been used wisely for bringing in more depth into the songs. The ending of the album's title track, 'The Call Of The Ancient', is simply a work of genius minds. Both guitarists Rom and Naitsirhc must have years of experience in handling their 6-stringers; so tastefully done guitars' treatment both of them have churned out from their battle axes for this particular album. All in all, "The Call Of The Ancient" has lotsa tasty and forbidden meat around its bones, and I am sure many of you want to have your very own plateful of this, too.

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