DE SADE "Generator of Forbidden Pleasures"

De Sade is the name of this four-piece Russian Thrash Metal outfit and this is their second studio album, titled Generator of Forbidden Pleasures. Experimental, technical, fast paced, intense and well-crafted Thrash Metal is the name of the game here, and much to the bands credit I must say there is a lot of enjoyment factor in their attempt to differ from todays other Thrash Metal combos. To me, they sound a bit like Arizonas Atrophy here and there, plus some Demolition Hammer as well due to some tiny Death Metal elements that can be found from their songs, not to mention Semen Lisovs rasp and half-growled vocal parts lead slightly toward Death Metal, adding a whole new, meaner dimension into De Sades ravenous Thrash Metal outbursts. These Russians relatively wide use of unusual and unorthodox song arrangements also add a nice twist.

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