DYING "No Mercy for Us"

Dying is a Spanish brutal death metal band and this is rather an ordinary album which is a collection of none surprising songs. However, it is hard to take from them this passion that drives them to sound as brutal and disgusting as possible. It is positive they actually can achieve it in both music and lyrics but you better remember that those are hard times for albums like No Mercy For Us when so many bands sound similar to each other. They have few guitar twists in tracks which sound very repulsive with excellent drumming and bass parts...But I am not shocked by any of those. Most time they just go with flow of brutal death metal and for a goodness of this album they do not cross that line of technical ridiculousness and keep it more in your face. All heavy, slamming death metal breaks are quite OK, especially when they slow down for a bit. They also brought some grind elements in songs, their vocalist is almost as extreme as a singer of Dead Infection but damn, drums sound too much like a click, click of computer mouse. In the end, Dying is alike something you probably heard before and that could be Dying Fetus, Deicide, Demigod and all those bands you can barely find any melody in, but brutality. Paradox of this album is they are very good musician all together and I can detect it in tracks. They just did not find that element in music that could make Dying, a band with their own, individual character. The album has an extra DVD disc with 2014 live performance and promo video. Good stuff if you are still not on their side and asking them questions....

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