FERVENT HATE "Tales of Hate, Lust and Chaos"

Lately I have seen a lot of Old School Death Metal fans discussing online about new albums by bands like Lik, Demonical or Ribspreader. As much as I enjoy all of those as well one of my personal greatest finds of 2018 has to be Tales of Hate, Lust and Chaos by an unknown Peruvian (!) band called Fervent Hate. Never having heard of this guys before this is their second full length album following their 2013s release Road to Insanity. Discovering new music online is bringing back some memories of my teenage days when I spent a lot of time in small shops searching for stuff I never heard of before. To keep it short: This is Death Metal at its absolute finest. Ten face-meltingly awesome tracks to get your head banging and your blood rushing, this is an absolutely relentless album that does not give you time to catch your breath as the band powers through each song. Every song has just as much energy and momentum as the last and the songs feature some excellent solos and powerful vocals throughout. There is enough variation with Fervent Hate mixing melodic lead guitars, dark and moody parts and even some lighter moments. For some songs they wrote hooks that would not be out of place on a Hard Rock album or even implement bluesy elements. While the music never gets cheesy each song is catchy and offers a memorable main riff. Some of the slower songs create a brooding and slightly uneasy atmosphere bringing the underground feeling we all know and love. Overall Fervent Hate have one aim and that is to honor and return to the golden age of classic Old School Death Metal. Buzz-Saw guitars, D-Beat rhythms and beastly low growls are the traditional reference points to the classic past. From the opening assault of Evil Twins the album rips out of the speakers. The great thing about this song and the whole album is that nothing is done to excess. There are some tempo-shifting swings between all the chunky riffing and the drummer is doing a great job setting the tempo and providing some surprise elements and fills while the two guitarists impress with short and long solos. Technically this is very solid but the real star of the show is always the song itself. These days a lot of bands focus too much on brutality and showing their technical abilities for my taste. While that might be interesting enough for other musicians passive fans like myself often are overwhelmed by that kind of stuff. I prefer simpler songs with a stringent structure that still have enough meat to not get boring after the first listen. And Fervent Hate are delivering exactly that. To be honest many of the riffs and ideas have been heard in another form before but this does not matter in the overall enjoyment and well created wall of addictive sound. Fervent Hate have created their own brand of Swedish Death Metal taking elements from the classic Entombed records as well as from their Wolverine Blues era mixing those ingredients together to deliver something familiar and tasty. The production is as Swedish as it can be and it is obvious that those famous HM2 pedals found their way from Stockholm to Peru. After having listened to the album for the first time it did not come as a surprise to see that the mixing and mastering has been done by Dan Swanö in the famous Unisound Studios. This means that production-wise there are no surprises. You can discuss about the scenes constant retreading and lack of progression. Or you can go out, get Tales of Hate, Lust and Chaos and bang your head.

FERVENT HATE "Tales of Hate, Lust and Chaos"

Fame of the Swedish death metal sound has reached out even to Peru which is where Fervant Hate rolls their music on a rot of death metal riffs, but very good ones. If I did not know that they are South Americans, I would never guess they are. This band sounds really like European bands, just to mention Wrathrone, Dismember, Murder Worker, Hazael, Befouled among others. I can not explain why I am not bored by this style of music, but I am glad I am not, and listening to this kind of bands still delights me in some positive ways. This album has many typical "Swedish" songs (3,8,10) with well known-crusty sound. But it is just part of what they do. Many tracks sound like melodic death metal, but more toward Goteborg scene and bands like Dark Tranquillity, In Flames and maybe Amon Amarth on the other hand. Those songs (2,4,7,9) go usually faster and more dynamic. Maybe it is a bit exaggerated by me but there are moments in songs where they sound like rock-n-roll death metal band, when they play those melodic riffs. They also approach their songs by giving music much more skull crushing heaviness to the weight of riffs, which is another very cool element in this very good and diverse death metal album. They can even blend some classic metal riffs to the band`s sound in manner of Black Sabbath which you can hear shortly in tracks 1, 5... Tales Of Hate, Lust And Chaos is very flexible death metal record as well. The band is not afraid to challenge their own ideas within their own brutal style and extend it onto other heavy metal genres, music wise. They seek the ways to make the songs sound a little catchy (track 1,6) with great guitar solos if they feature it in tracks. At least, you do not only have to deal with brutal songs on the album. Growling vocals are very strong element of their music and believe it or not, there is no tune in this record that I would not like. I find it enjoyable to hear powerful sound and production of this album. If you do not know this Peruvian band yet, I even would recommend you to purchase this album as a blind buy (if you are in type of Swedish death metal sound), because Fervent Hate is a bloody good and mature band and the record is really really great.

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