DIAVOLIADA "The Unexploration: Chapter 26"

Russian sung, symphonic Black Metal... should be pretty interesting, I believe. In fact, it actually is. As far as I can recall, this is perhaps the very first time for me personally to hear a completely Russian sung symphonic Black Metal release, so some sort of exotic level is also attached lightly to DIAVOLIADA's debut album, titled "The Unexploration: Chapter 26". After a few spins of this particular record, I cannot help it but it's actually CRADLE OF FILTH's name that seems to pop up from DIAVOLIADA's debut even more often than I expected. This is some strongly Gothic reeking, all things symphonic infested Black Metal that UK's diabolic blasphemers CRADLE OF FILTH have both successfully - sometimes as well as a bit less successfully, been utilizing on their several albums. There are a lot of Russian spoken parts within DIAVOLIADA's songs; perhaps too many because they seem to take some of the album's intensity away whenever the band is just blasting out, and keeping their instruments bursting out some distorted, nasty and evil sounding chords. DIAVOLIADA's use of big sounding, symphonic elements on "The Unexploration: Chapter 26" is also pretty striking. In fact, for their defense, they do use them surprisingly well, without letting them to overtake too much space from other used instruments on this record though. DIAVOLIADA's attempt to experiment with different types of unorthodox and ear-twisting tempo changes, adds its own kind of bizarre feel to the album, which sets a totally new standard for the listeners to follow the songs accurately. Hence it could be said "The Unexploration: Chapter 26" is a pretty challenging album after all, and therefore undoubtedly dividing people to two opposite groups: the ones that like this album - and the ones that see this album as some recycled waste only. Well, it's you in person, dear listener, who will choose your own group eventually...

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