CONTAMINATED "Your Ashes Are Nothing"

The Ukrainian Death Metal scene deserves some attention so under the spotlight we have the Ukrainian squad named Contaminated and the band's frenzied assault, Your Ashes Are Nothing, their debut album. Contaminated's influences include the North American and European old school Death/Grind scene of the 90's with hints of melodic Thrash Metal. Those influences are easily picked up, especially if you are an experienced listener of those sub-genres. It's pedal to the fast, grinding Metal for Contaminated from start to finish and they really don't slow down much, not even for short breaks, but keep the tempo lethally fast throughout the entire record. And damn, they make some entertaining and catchy stuff and never cross over into ridiculous speeds. I could mention a great number of bands that Your Ashes Are Nothing brings to mind but instead of senseless name-dropping, I highly recommend you to check the album out. If you seriously like the 90's Death Metal/Grindcore scene, then you should also like Contaminated's debut album. Ultimately, don't we all love 90's Death Metal/Grindcore, to a certain extent? I guess we, the fans of extreme music, do just that...

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