NORDLAND "European Paganism"

This is already the fourth long play by NORDLAND, a one-man Black Metal horde, which hails from North East England. "European Paganism" divides into three parts. The twenty seven and half minutes long "The Mountain" opens the album. This song is by far the most varied and versatile on the CD. You can find there almost everything that made the Black Metal genre great. I mean all the traditional components and even a big dose of ambientish atmosphere. The generally calmly acting riffs were not bothered even with the here and there appearing blast-beat parts. Vorh (all instruments & vocals) precisely structured this song and if I had to go into details then I would say he excellently spices some kind of ENSLAVED, SATYRICON, IMMORTAL blend with the atmospheric vibe of HYPOCRISY. The second tune lasts almost 9 minutes and it has the title of "A Burning of Idols". Musically, it comes with the same Nordic key as its predecessor; the feel of SATYRICON is pretty evident there. The lyrics are filled with passion to paganism and hate to christianity. The album ends with the epic "Rites at Dawn". It mostly builds upon marching middle tempos with rather harsh vocalizing, although some blasts are also presented there. Still it is a pretty calm song. As a whole this album is amazing and I only can recommend it for checking out!

NORDLAND "European Paganism"

...Lifeless, still, dead ... - A Burning Of Idols. It is already fourth album from this North East England project of Vorh who deals with music from the scratch. European Paganism is a 3 songs full length album but total time is over 40 minutes long and includes The Mountain song which is even 27 minutes long. However I do not get bored by that and can easily sleep at night after dose of such great black metal music which this album has opened for me. I would never know that it was one man band if I did not check album details because this one sound surprisingly good. Almost as regular as band with more members in. With all due respect to the sound of Nordland which is really good, even beyond expectation, the music follows the trails of European black metal, but in possibly best manner. ...Wrapped In Skin From Beast Of Woid, Given Knowledge, Sacred, Old... - Rites At Dawn. Vorh pumped this album with rivers of evil riffs and hateful sounding vocals but lyrically he sticks to nature, fantasy and paganism. He tunes a sound in tradition of Norwegian or Swedish black metal. However, I do not even know if nowadays there is a talk about specific Scandinavian sound anymore, since the entire world has been doing it for decades now. It is not that important I guess...If you like Immortal albums from era of Pure Holocaust and Battles In The North then Nordland is a band for you. Maybe European Paganism is not as catchy as music of Norwegians but has more elements of epic glory, instead. Vorh, once he explores one music idea with no rush to change, jumps onto another one so the songs are diverse and he always strikes with some sharp, new riffs. Vocals have this triumphant black metal rasp and since thousands of people die for it in black metal, I have no reason to think otherwise about Vorhs memorable vocal performances in the album. I do not know previous releases of Nordland yet but European Paganism has all signs of maturity in every aspect. I am glad I have met this bands black metal music ferocity and few calmer, epic moments in my way.

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