BLACK SOUL BLADE "Masterpiece Of Hate"

This album has a great guitar work throughout and they superbly manage to mix several of music styles. Their songs are balancing on the edge and intensity of thrash metal with solid mount of punching hard core riffs and devastating heaviness of death core. Their sound is very good anticipated to their music needs. The entire album is a regime of aggression, very angry music ideas which are fueled with rage and amazing dynamics of drums. Masterpiece Of Hate instrumentally/ technically is just brilliant and have stunning guitar solos/ shreds/ groove and a lot of diversity of music itself. I could not say there are best or worst songs because from start to the end they leave you not much time to think about it until you realize that there is no time at all and you bled out. It says how intense, fast and breathtaking their songs can go and they are born to play stuff like that. All guttural, screaming vocals are not left behind and level up to all their music ideas with good anticipation to what`s best to the music at certain points. You know, they just push vocals aspect to strength this album more and more even if instrumentally they already merged everything to nearly perfection. I have no clue how I could compare this band to others, because nothing comes to my mind at this very moment. I like to think that Black Soul Blade is doing something original and only theirs in music and this album is just fucking great to listen to.

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