ARCHAOSIFER "Le héraut de Sa Volonté"

The Russian Black Metal scene is constantly growing, offering hundreds Ц even thousands Ц of bands with this blacker ink incorporated into their sounds. Heres one more, named Archaosifer. The members of the band intentionally conceal their names, information, details, location and future plans. Ok, fair enough. The only thing that interests me, anyway, is their music, and how they are able to deliver their goods, in terms of a convincing musicianship. Le héraut de Sa Volonté, which is the French-written album title of Archaosifers debut album (meaning The Herald of His Will in English, I guess), and which was originally released on Chupacabra Productions in 2015 as a limited edition of 88 cassettes only, has now gotten the CD treatment as well, thanks to More Hate Productions. As far as Archaosifers blacker-than-thou manifest on this album is concerned, it would be very easy to say there is nothing new under the freezing moon. The Swedish ineffable kings of darkness, in other words Dark Funeral, have at least been a minor influence on Archaosifer when it comes to the violent and aggressive guitar riffs and stuff. The drum sound is somewhat weak and awful. They unfortunately do not sound any better than a pair of thin cans, which more or less leaves a listener less impressed about the quality of this release. For die-hard Black Metal fans this fact hardly matters, as there is undoubtedly enough "trooness" to their sound.

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